Azusa uncovers ancient village

AZUSA – The recently unearthed Native-American camp found on a housing project site was a prehistoric village known as Ashuukshanga, an archaeology firm said Friday. The camp, which measures 120 feet by 220 feet, is believed to have been a food-processing center for the Tongva/Gabrielino Indians. Stone slabs used to grind seeds and more than 100 other grinding stones were … Read More

Saving Our Sacred Site, Whittier Narrows!

Whittier Narrows | Kizh Nation | Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians

Saving Our Sacred Site, Whittier Narrows! Come join us for an informal celebration at our Sacred Site in Whittier Narrows. All of our friends and family will be there to join in the celebration. It has taken years of hard work and lots of helping hands to stop the destruction of this beautiful area. It’s A Potluck! Please bring side … Read More

Menudo Breakfast Sunday June 10th, 2018

KIZH NATION Menudo Breakfast - Coffee and Pan Dulce

MENUDO BREAKFAST! Just $10.00! KIZH NATION – Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians is sponsoring a Menudo Breakfast with coffee and Pan Dulce! DATE: Sunday June 10th, 2018.TIME: 9am – 1:30pmLOCATION: GRAPEVINE ARBOR ROOM (324 S. MISSION DR SAN GABRIEL)TICKETS: $10.00 per personCONTACT: LUCY AT (626) 675-1701OR CONTACT: LIZ AT (562) 665-7315 First come, first serve and OPEN TO ALL! KIZH … Read More

5 Fake Indians. Checking a Box Doesn’t Make You Native!

Census data about Native Americans is often misleading Perhaps no one causes more confusion and muddies the water more than fake Indians. We used to call them wannabe Indians, affirmative action Indians, Johnny come lately Indians, census Indians, among others. They mislead the public. My uncle, Tom Godwin, an electronics genius, worked for Martin Marietta in Denver for 30 years. … Read More