Per Article 2 of the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians – Kizh Nation Bylaws, the following is an exclusive list of the individuals who are authorized by the Kizh Tribal Council to represent the rights and interests of the Kizh Nation, engage in consultation on behalf of the Kizh Nation with any public or private entity, official, individual, or governing body, and to otherwise take legal action or legally bind the Kizh Nation by any means, whether verbal or written. This is an exclusive list of authorized representatives. The Kizh Nation disclaims all legal, social, political, or other responsibility and all liability for acts and representations taken or made by any individual allegedly on behalf of the Kizh Nation that is not listed below. This list of Authorized Kizh Representatives is current as of today’s date and is updated annually at the Tribal Council’s December meeting.

Andrew Salas – Chairperson

Nadine Salas – Vice Chairperson

Christina Swindall Martinez – Secretary

Richard Gradias – Chairman of the Council of Elders

Mike Lemos – Council Member

Matthew Teutimez – Tribal Biologist

Effective 1/1/2023