NiĆ³! (Blessing!)

There are many reasons why you might consider donating to us.

  • Support Self-Determination: Many indigenous tribes face challenges in securing resources and managing their own affairs. Donations can help tribes achieve their own goals for their communities, fostering self-determination and cultural preservation.
  • Protect Their Land and Way of Life: Indigenous tribes are often stewards of unique ecosystems and possess valuable knowledge about sustainable land management. Donations can support initiatives that protect their traditional lands and ways of life.
  • Promote Cultural Preservation: Indigenous cultures encompass rich traditions, languages, and art forms. Donations can fund programs that keep these traditions alive for future generations.
  • Support Social Justice: Indigenous communities have historically been marginalized and dispossessed. Donations can support organizations that fight for their rights and advocate for fair treatment.

Mail a check or money order to PO Box 393, Covina, CA 91723