Ode to L.A.’s First Inhabitants

Ode to L.A.’s First Inhabitants : It Took 17 Years to Write, but Bill McCawley’s Book on the Gabrielino Fills a Major Gap in California’s History October 24, 1996|DENNIS McLELLAN | TIMES STAFF WRITER Bill McCawley has been fascinated by Southern California history since he was a kid growing up in Long Beach in the 1960s, a time when there … Read More

Gabrieleño -Kizh Tribal Territory: Bean & Smith

Gabrieleño -Kizh Tribal Territory Bean & Smith The Gabrieleño (gabreal’eno) are, in many ways, one of the most interesting-yet least known-of native California peoples . At the time of Spanish contact in 1769 they occupied the “most richly endowed coastal section in southern California” (Blackburn 1962-1963 :6), which is most of present-day Los Angeles and Orange counties, plus several offshore … Read More