Interdependence Salon #1 – Metabolic Studios

A declaration of interdependence must be followed by a practice of interdependence. Achieving this interdependence takes both seeing and doing, both vision and action. A new collective vision is needed, centered and prioritized around the common good and community. As we live through these uncertain times, we hope as a community to collectively support one another and share our knowledge … Read More

Setting the Record Straight – Lummis Legacy League

The Lummis Legacy League is a non-profit [501(c)(3)] organization whose mission is to continue the visionary legacy of Charles Fletcher Lummis. LLL intends to further educational, scientific, historical, ecological and sustainable priorities that benefit the general public. 

Native Knowledge

Thousands of years of tribal ecological practice is the key to reconnecting us to the planet. We talk with Matthew Teutimez, tribal biologist with the Kizh-Gabrieleño Band of Mission Indians, the aboriginal tribe of the Los Angeles basin, about plants, health and spirituality. Jared Blumenfeld – California Secretary for the Environmental Protection Agency

Meeting the Kizh

the internet web log of jesse la tour Saturday, October 12, 2013 For a couple years now, I’ve been researching local history for a couple writing projects I’mworking on, most recently a historical novel set in Orange County. I want to understand thehistory of the area where I live, the real unvarnished history, which is so full of struggle andsuffering, … Read More

Kizh – Gabrieleño History

The history of our people goes back thousands of years.  For millennia, we developed a complex and beautiful culture, which included religion, astronomy, rich and varied cuisine, economy, and complex social structures.  We developed ingenious ways to live sustainably off the land of Southern California and its natural resources.  The name of our tribe, Kizh (pronounced Keech), comes from the … Read More

Ode to L.A.’s First Inhabitants

Ode to L.A.’s First Inhabitants : It Took 17 Years to Write, but Bill McCawley’s Book on the Gabrielino Fills a Major Gap in California’s History October 24, 1996|DENNIS McLELLAN | TIMES STAFF WRITER Bill McCawley has been fascinated by Southern California history since he was a kid growing up in Long Beach in the 1960s, a time when there … Read More