Ode to L.A.’s First Inhabitants

Ode to L.A.’s First Inhabitants : It Took 17 Years to Write, but Bill McCawley’s Book on the Gabrielino Fills a Major Gap in California’s History October 24, 1996|DENNIS McLELLAN | TIMES STAFF WRITER Bill McCawley has been fascinated by Southern California history since he was a kid growing up in Long Beach in the 1960s, a time when there … Read More

Gabrieleño -Kizh Tribal Territory: Bean & Smith

Gabrieleño -Kizh Tribal Territory Bean & Smith The Gabrieleño (gabreal’eno) are, in many ways, one of the most interesting-yet least known-of native California peoples . At the time of Spanish contact in 1769 they occupied the “most richly endowed coastal section in southern California” (Blackburn 1962-1963 :6), which is most of present-day Los Angeles and Orange counties, plus several offshore … Read More

Azusa uncovers ancient village

AZUSA – The recently unearthed Native-American camp found on a housing project site was a prehistoric village known as Ashuukshanga, an archaeology firm said Friday. The camp, which measures 120 feet by 220 feet, is believed to have been a food-processing center for the Tongva/Gabrielino Indians. Stone slabs used to grind seeds and more than 100 other grinding stones were … Read More

Saving Our Sacred Site, Whittier Narrows!

Whittier Narrows | Kizh Nation | Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians

Saving Our Sacred Site, Whittier Narrows! Come join us for an informal celebration at our Sacred Site in Whittier Narrows. All of our friends and family will be there to join in the celebration. It has taken years of hard work and lots of helping hands to stop the destruction of this beautiful area. It’s A Potluck! Please bring side … Read More